Technology Loan Program

iPad loaners for students, TFs, CAs and non-ladder faculty

Students enrolled in courses that indicate on the syllabus that iPads are required for their pedagogy are eligible to borrow one for the semester.   Once enrolled, students should contact HUIT at to request the loaner.   TFs, CAs, and non-ladder faculty teaching courses that require iPads are also eligible for a loaner and should request them at

HUIT will ship equipment to domestic addresses and arrange for on-campus delivery to students, TFs, and faculty on campus.  Harvard will make individual arrangements for international students and TFs to borrow equipment when they contact the Service Desk at  In most cases, they will be instructed to purchase equipment locally—a 10.2 inch iPad with first-generation Apple pencil or comparable device— and Harvard will reimburse them. The devices will be owned by Harvard and will need to be returned once no longer needed for teaching and learning.

For course heads:  if your course will require students to have an iPad, please indicate this clearly on your syllabus in Canvas and register your course here

Technology Loans for Students to Meet Minimum Requirements

The FAS has established minimum requirements for remote teaching and learning, in consultation with HUIT, faculty, staff, and students.  Students who do not have what they need to meet these minimum requirements for learning should first contact their resident dean, and then the HUIT service desk at (617) 495-7777 to determine their eligibility for technology loans for the semester from Harvard.   

Students on financial assistance have received a generous Remote Room and Board Allowance intended to cover the educational costs of learning remotely, including internet bandwidth. 

Harvard will ship equipment to domestic addresses.   During the nine days of student arrivals, students on campus can pick up equipment they have requested from the HUIT a van outside Sever Hall.   Harvard will make individual arrangements to supply equipment to international students when they contact the Service Desk.

More Information for Instructors and Instructional Support Staff