Teaching Support

The OUE is providing additional resources for faculty and departments to help prepare for and support remote teaching and learning in their courses and to promote student engagement. 

  1. Smaller section sizes. To ensure that students remain engaged in their coursework and have ample opportunity to interact with faculty and with each other, the target section size for spring will be 12.  
  2. Fall RA program. Faculty may apply for a fall-semester research assistant to help with spring course redesign to promote group projects, peer learning, and other adaptations necessary to prepare for remote teaching and learning.  To apply, visit the OUE website
  3. Additional instructional support roles. Eligible graduate students may be appointed to courses as Teaching Fellows (TFs) to lead sections, labs, or tutorials, as Writing Fellows, as Concentration Advisers, and as HTFs.   In addition, eligible graduate students may be appointed to the roles described below to support student engagement and remote pedagogy: 

Remote  Support Teaching Fellows work with courses to provide student engagement support and/or in-course technical for non-standard course offerings.  Duties do not ordinarily involve standard section leading or grading but may include some or all of the tasks below, as applicable by department:        

  • Creating, overseeing, and/or maintaining engagement structures such as study groups, question centers, or problem set gatherings  
  • Liaising with student advisory networks about emergent concerns related to academic performance  
  • Conducting or overseeing oral evaluations with students 1:1  
  • Collecting and distributing materials for a studio/making course  
  • Setting up and overseeing  virtual labs 
  • Remote audio/visual, complex recording for arts/theater course  
  • Assisting students/faculty with technical issues during synchronous class time  
  • Integrate Canvas materials with remote course offerings

This role has an FTE of 0.2. Course head will identify specific tasks for courses, pursuant to the guidelines above. Additional training resources are available from the Bok Center, ATG, HUIT, and OUE. If you are interested in using a remote support teaching fellow, please contact the OUE at instruct@fas.harvard.edu with information about the specific tasks that a Remote Support TF will take on for your course.

For more information about instructional support, visit the OUE site