Teaching Fellow Trainings

Trainings for Graduate Student Teaching Fellows (TFs)

Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning

The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning holds a fall teaching conference and winter teaching week each year for Teaching Fellows. For additional information about the August TF training program and to access asynchronous resources, visit the Bok Fall Teaching Conference site. 

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Following the Bok Center training for Teaching Fellows, the Academic Resource Center (ARC) will provide additional informational sessions and working groups for the Remote Support Teaching Fellows (RSTFs). One focus of our sessions is different approaches to fostering peer-to-peer engagement in the remote learning environment; however, we are also eager to hear what questions related to remote support are on your mind and to work with you on answering those questions. RSTFs please send us your questions! Donna Mumme (mumme@fas.harvard.edu) and Emily Walsh (walsh@fas.harvard.edu) are looking forward to hearing from you.