Supporting Students

Academic Year 2020-2021


You can support your students as they navigate the challenges of online learning by connecting them to the appropriate College and University resources.


1. Helping Students Develop Remote Learning Skills 

Online learning is demanding for all students and requires them to learn new skills and capacities, from preparing their learning environments to remaining engaged on Zoom to managing time and self-care. The Academic Resource Center (ARC) can help your students develop effective remote learning strategies. The ARC also offers students a variety of services, such as workshops, academic coaching, peer tutoring, accountability groups, and skills-based resources. Please consult the ARC's short faculty guide for when to recommend a visit to the Academic Resource Center.  

2. Helping Students Who Face Inadequate Learning Environments 

OUE has identified the necessary conditions of remote learning (these are the minimum requirements and course- and concentration-specific requirements may be greater). Students need 

  • a Windows-compatible or Macintosh computer, with 2GHz or faster processor and 8GB
    RAM, running the most updated operating system

  • Internet speeds of 5Mbps

  • a quiet and private place to work

  • dedicated and continuous time to academics, free from distraction (the amount of time will depend on course-specific requirements)

If any of your students reports conditions that are impeding their learning, please contact their resident dean.

Some students face additional challenges in their remote learning environments. Remote Teaching and Learning Challenges due to Learning Environment and Technology Restrictions (HarvardKey login required).

3. Helping Students Who May Need Additional Forms of Support

Faculty are often the first point of contact for students in a variety of situations. Consult the Resource Guide to Remote Learning for the appropriate College and University contacts for student issues related to health and safety, mental and emotional health, financial aid, residential life, and advising.