Session Topics

1. Engagement, Interaction, and Community

Many important and enjoyable parts of the learning experience in a course occur informally and organically outside of formal class meetings and individual assignments. In this module we'll explore structures and strategies that will ensure that all of your students have good ways to work together with one another and with you and your TFs when your course is online. You’ll begin creating your course Canvas site, make a plan for supporting interaction in your course, and select the tools you'll need.

2. In- and Out-of-Class Time

Interactive classes can help maximize student engagement and learning. In this session we’ll work to identify the methods of promoting interactivity that fit your pedagogy and course. We’ll explore making both live and recorded lectures interactive, running effective discussions in Zoom, supporting students in different time zones, and designing small group activities in- and out-of-class. You’ll plan and build in Canvas the in- and out-of class activites for a normative week of your course.

3. Learning in Place: Assignments, Assessments, and Feedback

Assignments must be tailored to work well in online learning. Some assignments require significant creativity and resources to move online. Other assignments, such as papers, may benefit from additional scaffolding or the addition of peer-to-peer collaboration. Moreover, frequent low- or medium-stakes assignments will help you and advising staff identify students who need extra support. You’ll design and build in Canvas an assignment or an assignment sequence for your course.

4. Communicating Expectations

Students and faculty alike are unsure about the expectations for online learning: should there be attendance requirements? Should students be required to keep their cameras on? In this session, you'll work with colleagues to articulate expectations and develop strategies for making those clear to students. We will support you in presenting a course overview and trailer, expectations, course activities, and prerequisite skills on your course Canvas site in time for an online course presentation period that will begin in early August.