Online Exam Proctoring

Closed-Book, Proctored Exams

The recommended method to hold a closed-book, proctored exam is to do so using Canvas and Zoom. The method is simple: 

  • Proctor students in Zoom breakouts, having them show their workspace on camera.
  • Have students provide their own paper, handwrite their exam, and scan and upload with their phone.

This method is less demanding on student computer processors and internet bandwidth than other online proctoring systems, so it results in fewer technical issues. It is also a better safeguard against cheating than many alternatives because students are not simultaneously on their computers and you can intervene in real time if needed. 

The detailed OUE guide to administering proctored exams with Canvas and Zoom covers setting up the exam on Canvas, preparing students for the exam, overseeing the exam, and how to give an auto-graded or Canvas-based test.